X-HAIR is an effective and painless hair removal powder for men and women and is an innovative development in the field of hair removal.

Most hair removal methods can be very painful and may even lead to complications such as irritation (cuts) and/or pimples or ingrown hairs.
But with X-HAIR, you can quickly, painlessly and efficiently remove unwanted hair from your face, body and intimate zones.

X-HAIR hair removal powder is a unique method of removing body hair. X-HAIR works effectively and – compared to other products, such as foam, creams, gels and/or waxes – in just a short time. Where other hair removal products contain multiple – often chemical – ingredients, X-HAIR contains just four ingredients. This means that X-HAIR is also very suitable for people with sensitive to very sensitive skin.

After you have used X-HAIR 3 or 4 times, you’ll experience amazing results. Thanks to the unique effect of X-HAIR, the hair stays away longer than when you shave it. Your skin have never felt so smooth and soft!

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