Terms and conditions

These general conditions apply to every offer and every agreement made to or entered into by X-HAIR with third parties (hereinafter called ‘Purchaser’) regarding the delivery of products to third parties through the internet.

When Purchaser places an order on the X-HAIR website, this order becomes definitive the moment Purchaser clicks the Send button. The moment Purchaser receives confirmation from X-HAIR by email, a binding agreement is entered into between Purchaser and X-HAIR.

If, after the agreement has been entered into, X-HAIR cannot comply with its obligations due to circumstances of which it was unaware when it entered into the agreement, X-HAIR is entitled to either request an amendment to the contents of the agreement so that implementation remains possible or to cancel the agreement.

After X-HAIR has become aware these circumstances, Purchaser should be notified immediately.

Payments should be made using one of the online payment methods when the order is being placed online.

Electronic payments made by Purchaser to X-HAIR, including payments through the internet, are at Purchaser’s risk. X-HAIR cannot be held liable for damage suffered by Purchaser that is related to or is the result of payments made electronically using either the internet or credit cards.

The right of Purchaser to offset any claims against X-HAIR is explicitly excluded.

Ownership of the delivered products is first transferred to Purchaser once the purchase price has been paid in full. The risk of damage to/by Purchaser or the loss of products is transferred to Purchaser at the moment the products are actually made available to Purchaser.

Delivery takes place only after payment has been made online. For orders within the Benelux, shipping costs are charged for order amounts of less than € 50.
No shipping costs are charged for orders within the Benelux worth more than € 50. Orders outside the Benelux will be charged in line with the applicable courier tarifs.

Orders placed on the internet can be returned within 14 days, with no explanation required. Returned items are only accepted provided that they have not been used and/or opened. If the products have been used and/or opened, they are not accepted as such and are not refunded.

The return costs are paid by the buyer / purchaser of the product.

In the case of a defective delivery – visible deficiencies of products or shortcomings in the amount to be delivered – Purchaser cannot submit a claim if he has not protested to X-HAIR online, accompanied by an accurate description of the defect, within 5 days after he has discovered or should have reasonably discovered the defect.

If a complaint about a product is found to be justified, the product can be exchanged or Purchaser can be credited for the invoiced amount if he does not wish to exchange the product.

X-HAIR is not liable for damage and consequential damage when products and/or items are used in ways other than according to the prescribed use and instructions, for any amount higher than the amount it charged for the delivered item.

X-HAIR retains the right to modify these conditions and the contents of its online store without personally notifying the customer and without the customer being entitled to compensation. As a consequence, the customer should himself check whether any modifications have been made.

Although the utmost care has been taken to compile the contents of the X-HAIR website, X-HAIR excludes all liability for inaccuracies, incompleteness and any consequences of its actions based on information that is available on or through this website.

X-HAIR is not responsible for possible viruses if – despite control measures – they should occur on the X-HAIR website.

Without the prior written consent of X-HAIR, Purchaser is prohibited from duplicating items such as advertising or accompanying materials for products or from storing them in files and/or publicising them by means of photocopying, printing, recording on a CD/DVD or in any other way.

All agreements between Purchaser and X-HAIR are subject to Dutch law and any disputes will be submitted exclusively to the authorised court in X-HAIR’s registered place of business unless another court is authorised on the basis of compelling judicial provisions or X-HAIR expresses its preference for the authorised court in Purchaser’s registered place of business.

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